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Unwinding with food

Last weekend was my birthday, and I decided to spend the day alone. 
I've recently hit a milestone in my life. A lot has shifted and a lot has been thrown my way. It's been overwhelming and I feel like my life is flying by. It was only last weekend that I finally got to unwind and think through things.
And this is why I enjoy meals alone. In a restaurant. Sitting by myself.

I choose that day to go shooting, but ended up stopping at a cafe and having an iced coffee and dessert by myself. I fully immersed myself at the cafe. I only paid attention to the food and told myself not to glance at my phone for notifications nor worry about work. 

For a good duration, I only concentrated on my meal: my iced coffee and fruit tart. It felt calming and meditative. There's something quiet and special about watching the cream slowly mix into your coffee and figuring out the best way to cut that fruit tart. I'm not distracted by anyone, I don't have to talk to anyone except when ordering, and I can take my sweet time. 
I also do some people watching. People watching is a good break from technology. Without knowing, I start reading their faces and imagine what's going on in their lives. 
Then I backtrack to myself. I do a mental assessment of where I am right now and how I should go from here. My biggest worries become smaller when I take time to step back, and I tell myself it's okay. 

Finally I come back to the cafe, sipping on melted ice cubes in my coffee. And my mind feels clearer and invigorated. 


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Kristine Huang said...

Happy belated birthday!! : )
Being alone at times is very nice, you get to catch up on your thoughts and think about things. Settle some of the troubles that's going through your mind. After I started college, I really enjoy spending time alone ~ I feel so much more freedom to do whatever I want :D

Hehe it's nice to see you blog again! I haven't been on blogger in so long wahaha x)