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Creamy, buttery, and sweet

 Well, this is rare, I've been having a sweet tooth lately. Several delicious stops I made in the past few weeks:
City Bakery @ 3 W 18th Street 
Their chocolatey sweets are really well known and some say out of this world. I had a chocolate melt which I describe as a brownie disguised as a cookie. A little crisp on the outside, and soft, chewy chocolate inside.
 Never liked Dunkin or Krispy Kreme...but Doughnut Plant! It's a pricey for a doughnut but I think it's worth it. They have unique varieties of flavors that you really can't find anywhere else, successful branding design, and a cute sit-in on 23rd street. Favorite picks are peanut butter and jelly filled and creme brûlée. 

Dunwell Doughnuts @ 222 Montrose Avenue
A doughnut shop in my neighborhood! And it's dangerous that it's so close. At first glance seems to be another Doughnut Plant (& seriously hipster), but Dunwell Doughnuts specializes in only vegan doughnuts. I had their peanut butter and jelly and it's amazing how they made it without eggs or milk. I definitely will stop by again for a doughnut sundae!

East 7th Street
And taking advantage of Butter Lane's Google offer of buy one, get one free. I've heard great reviews about their cupcakes and it was my first time trying them. Despite the price even after discount, I was not disappointed. The winning element is in the frosting: (from left clockwise) salted caramel, cookie dough, maple pecan, and coconut. The cookie dough frosting was served on a cookie dough-filled chocolate cupcake! My favorite was the cookie dough and maple pecan.

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