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Spring break has just started, and it will also be the last break I'll have for a long time. But I'm making it the best I can.
At Nish Nush,
Pretty great Middle Eastern food right in Tribeca. Nish Nush has a neat, rustic feel interior and exterior. The encased tables of chickpeas add an extra touch. I got the falafel trio platter that came with a side of pita bread. The falafels were solid good; they were crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Their menu didn't indicate what the three different flavors were, but we pointed out a spicy one. I also loved the assorted salads and hummus that gave it a fresh kick. It was a huge plate and was perfect for me and my friend. 

And I hope you New Yorkers got to celebrate free macaron day! Here's my oddly color coded Earl Grey from Macaron Cafe. (nothing beats Paris' macarons)

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