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Parlez-vous anglais?

In between Christmas markets, I also got the chance to visit PARIS! With my cousin, we went through my list of to-do's... the Lourve (has my favorite sculpture: Nike of Samothrace), Eiffel Tower, and food food food! 
It's been known that the French take their food seriously. Breakfasts are merely a hot drink and a pastry. Their lunch breaks are no joke, shops close for two hours because workers need their time to eat the biggest meal of the day. Dinner is presented in courses (but I totally didn't follow that). Below are some of the authentic dishes I've gotten to try and ticked off my list:

My most favorite thing to snack on. I love that cheese and bread and a few slices of cured meat can make a simple yet delicious meal. The cheese platters I had mainly included a blue, a soft cheese, and possibly cured meat slices. It comes with fruit jam or sliced apples and then soft bread to eat it with. 

I had what tasted like the best bread and cheese in my lifetime. Camberbay? cheese, blue cheese with salami, prosciutto, and pickles. The bread was also a winner, filled with poppy seeds, was warm and soft. A glass of pinot grio, very dry. 

Literally meaning fat-liver. Creamy, fattening but extremely good to spread on toast. For the savory-inclined person.
MACARONS @ Pierre Herme
I love them because not only do they look beautiful, it's the right amount of sweet condensed into one bite. It's perfect with a cuppa tea. There are classic flavors like vanilla, pistachio, rose and chocolate. And then there are unique ones like foie gras and fig from Pierre Herme, a macaron boutique shop near Rue de St. Honore. 
 macaron Christmas tree!

Snails! Just don't think too much about them when you're eating them. It has a similar texture to octopus. They're delicious and cooked just right with simply garlic and parsley.

Paris was everything I'd imagined a city would be in addition to amazing, fine food (very expensive though..yikes!). 
PLUS, I purchased a New York vs. Paris book as my souvenir! A book that represents what I've seen compared with what I've grew up with. 

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