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more mochi than ice cream

Mochi ice cream for my sister's birthday! It was my first time making mochi and I was nervous that the mochi wouldn't come out right. I bought Mochiko, sweet rice flour, to make it. I mixed a 1:1 ration of water and flour, and half sugar. I looked up a lot of different ways to mix them together, and I went with boiling sugar and water, then turning off the heat to add mochi flour. Turned out fine!

The hard part was wrapping the vanilla ice cream (Trader Joe's, so creamy and good!) as it was melting! I read that a blogger advised to freeze balls of ice cream in advance, but it didn't work. My first time was messy, some with holes, some with a pool of melted ice cream. But still edible and I love the chewy texture of mochi...isn't that what it always comes down to?

Nevertheless, I still have half a box of flour left, more chances to experiment. :)

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