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missing that tea time

A very lovely English teahouse located in West Village. Being there reminded me of the United Kingdom...the small (sits only 23 people) and intimate environment, and the quirky decorations of the monarchy past and present. And if you don't think it's authentic enough, the waitresses there are English. 
Their menu was, of course, everything English. There were bangers and mash (sausages and mashies), the full monty (full english breakfast), and numerous types of teas. Their mismatched plates and unique collection of tea pots seem to fit Tea & Sympathy.
I ordered a Rosie Lee Tea which tasted like black tea with a hint of rose. I also learned "rosie lee" is British slang for tea. I enjoyed it with a plate of scones, clotted cream, and jelly. Clotted cream, it's so bad for you but oh-so good. (I have to find out where to get them here...)
In terms of pricing, English teatime is always pricey. They need you to spend a minimum of $11 per person. But it's nice to enjoy it once in awhile and getting to chat with friends. Or have English tea at home and make your own scones

108 Greenwich Ave
(between 12th St & Jane St) 
New YorkNY 10011

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shwin said...

Will check this place out :D I have no clue why your blog updates aren't showing up on my feed :/ glad I manually visited your page :D