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English teatime!

Took a trip to Windsor Castle, also known as another one of the Queen's homes. This was one of my most expensive trips within the UK. You had to buy a year-long ticket, I doubt I would have the money and time to come back. However, the castle was beautiful. The exterior looked a bit cold, but inside was exquisitely decorated with warm and deep colors. If you love architecture and the arts, then you would be amazed by the architecture..from floor to ceiling. And also paintings adorned on the walls such as Rembrandt's self portrait.
Not surprisingly, security was high. But it makes you a little less nervous with these well-dressed and sweet wardens partrolling the area!

Around the vicinity, there was a cute cafe called the Crooked House of Windsor
The doorway was crooked, the stairs were tight and also unbalanced. But it was still cute and enjoyed some English teatime with a friend!
Even before coming here, I've been a tea fanatic..milk tea everyday! And being here in the UK, I love that tea comes in a whole set: teapot, teacup and spoon, milk and sugar. It's a huge process just for a cup of tea, but makes me really sit down and enjoy it.

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Kristine Huang said...

I WANT TO GO CHECK THAT PLACE OUT T_T omfg, more importantly, I want to go visit the UK!