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I came back not too long ago from a short trip to BERLIN! There's so much to this city, I slowly fell in love with it. And I wish I stayed there longer... The Germans are extremely nice, and there are no worries with the language barrier. I've even learned a few words!
(Alexanderplatz station)
It's amazing being in a country where so much history has happened...the split between East and West Berlin, Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer), and then unification. And like all cities, it's such a diverse place. 
(close to the East Side Gallery = Berlin Wall)
(former West Berlin)
One of their ethnic foods is the currywurst, German sausage with ketchup and drizzled with curry powder. It's considered a fast food, where you can get it almost anywhere at takeaway stands. I had a few during my stay here, and I liked it! Although I couldn't do spicy, I heard there's a stand that's famous for having 12 levels of spiciness. 

(you can have it with pommes aka chips aka french fries)

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