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the english breakfast

Pile on bacon and eggs, throw in some mushrooms and well as slap on beans and a slice of toast: The English breakfast.
This was on my list of foods to try in the UK, it turned out to be my brunch. As well as gave me a food coma during my afternoon lecture. Bacon here is meatier and chewy, whereas I'm used to American, fatty, crispy bacon. I was never really into beans, hence never had it for breakfast. But these baked beans, most likely cooked in a sweet tomato sauce, were really good with the mushrooms. I'm still looking for the place to find the full english breakfast...complete with pudding (blood sausage..yes I want to try for the heck of it) and twice as large. 

Trent Bridge, Nottingham, UK

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Cindy said...

You're alive! (On Blogger). And that looks hella good. Sort of healthy too, unlike the American breakfast.