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Greetings from the UK!

Hello Nottingham, United Kingdom.
I am doing an exchange program for one semester and have been here for a week. It really hasn't hit me that something I've been wishing to do has finally come true! During my stay here, I'm going to cook lots but also try their food here! I believe having authentic food is the best way to experience their culture.
I've been told that food in the UK is not that great, but now that I'm here I will decide for myself...
For my first meal out, me and a friend went to a pub in Nottingham for the local experience. Pubs are the definition of being English! Nottingham claims to have the oldest pub/inn ever in England. I ordered mashed potatoes and sausages in a pool of gravy, in slang it's bangers and mash. You can't go wrong with mashed potatoes, and their sausages were juicy fat and tender. I think a lot of English food is heavy but its because it keeps you warm during the cold autumns and winters. 
I can say though, not a lot of English food has fresh vegetables. Do they just eat them at home and not out?

I took a trip down to London for a few days. And had my first experience with fish & chips. Chips meaning fried potato wedges. Again, you can't go wrong with anything deep fried. It came with a side of mushed peas which is peas in the form of mashed potatoes, honestly nothing special. Eat it with a half pint of beer and you're set. It was pretty good but there is no way I could eat this all the time. 

I'm looking forward to having their English breakfasts, more pub food such as jacket potatoes, and their version of pudding. And although it's weird having another country's food in another country, Indian food here is exceptional.

What do you like to experience when/if you go to another country? 


ViCKAAAY said...

OMGGG you shoulda took me with you!!

ILoveChocolateee! said...

I went to the east carribean =)

Wow, exchange program! That must be exciting!
I look forward to seeing more food posts =D